So, for my research project I am going to study the different uniforms and logos of different units in the US Armed Forces. I am going to study the Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard. I will study the significance of the color in their uniforms and logos. The uniforms will include their combat, casual, and formal dress uniforms. I will also look into the difference between male and female uniforms, if there is any difference at all. This specific study has not been done frequently so there will be some assumptions made and some of my ideas of why they are the way they are.




The utility uniform is a graphic type camouflage made of greens and browns. The colors in this uniform are organic, they are meant to break up the figure and provide better coverage for different terrains.


The dress uniform is also known as the 'Dress Blues'. The Dress Blues are equivalent to black tie. They are a dark navy blue, connecting them even more with the Navy. Dark blue is a clean crisp color and it distinguishes the uniform from a regular suit.


The service uniform is khaki and green and is also known as the 'Greens'. The greens were once used regularly for work but they have been replaced by the utility uniform. Khaki and this green are muted colors that don't represent anything specific, they are casual, equivalent to a business suit for everyday work.


The evening dress is also navy blue and is commonly worn with a khaki shirt underneath. Marine recruiters are often seen with this uniform. The navy blue is again a clean crisp color and the khaki is a neutral that can make the recruiter seem more approachable because it is a less formal color.


The Marines are responsible for providing force projection from the sea, using the Navy they rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces and although they are frequently grouped together the Marines and Navy are two separate services.
The Marines Logo:

The logo consists of a scarlet center with a blue ring and a bronze outermost ring. The bronze center is a globe with an anchor and an eagle. The bronze appears yellow but on the actual logo it is bronze. The colors seem to come directly from the three primary colors, blue, yellow and red. Usually seeming bright and child-like the colors take on a new appearance in this logo, they are sophisticated and formal.


Both the logo and the seal have a gold/yellow color.  This color symbolizes justice, strength, power and perfection. The dark navy blue (and sometimes black) is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism.


The Army Combat Uniform
The combat uniform consists of a green, tan, and grey digital 'camo' that is used to blend in with desert, forest, as well as urban settings.  The green, tan, and grey are all natural and neutral tones that are designed to blend in with any background and to break up the figure into the background.

The Army Green Uniform (Enlisted)

The green uniform is a very dark forest green, the two shown are just solid green for the Enlisted Soldiers, but the Officer Uniforms are the same with a black stripe down the pant leg and jacket arm.  The dark green is almost black and is used for semi-formal wear, it is paired with white and black for a clean cut look.  The colors are solid, crisp making the uniform appropriate for semi-formal wear.

The Blue Army Service Uniform

The blue uniform is part of the US bloodline. It links today's warriors to their heritage and connects them to past servicemen. In addition to connecting to US tradition, the adoption of the Army Service Uniform consolidates the service uniforms reflecting utility, simplicity and quality. Streamlining their service uniforms reduces the clothing burden on Soldiers and provides the Soldiers with a world-class uniform that honors them, their service and Army heritage.


The Navy Logo

The Navy logo is navy blue with gold circles and writing.  Gold, as mentioned before is symbolic of justice, strength, power and perfection. Navy blue is symbollic of importance, confidence, power, and authority. Darker navy is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism.


There are many different uniforms for the Navy so in this post I will explore the meaning behind the Dress Blues,  New Service Uniform and Navy Working Uniform.

Navy Dress Blues
The Navy Dress Blues are a very dark navy blue with gold cuffs and a white undershirt. The dark navy blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. Gold is powerful and strong and the white undershirt is neutral, making the uniform very formal and clean.

Navy New Service Uniform
The New Service Uniform has a khaki shirt with black pants.  Both the khaki and the black are neutrals, these uniforms are for everyday wear in offices and for day to day work.  The neutrals simple, for simple times in the classroom and at work.

The Navy Working Uniform

The working uniform is a digital 'camo' print similar to those adopted by other services.  The print is predominantly blue with some grey.  The colors represent those used by the Navy most frequently because they are constantly on water.  The colors are simply there to blend in with the background.


The Air Force Logo is navy blue with gold rings.  This color scheme of navy blue and gold seems to be a pattern in the seal of the US Armed Forces.  The dark navy blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism; and gold, as mentioned before is symbolic of justice, strength, power and perfection.


Mess Dress Uniform
(Discussed with the Service Dress Uniform)

Service Dress Uniform
The Service Dress Uniform and the Mess Dress Uniform are both for formal and Semi-formal wear.  They are both dark navy blue and white.  The symbolism of navy blue has already been discussed and the white is a clean neutral that balances with the dark color.

Airman Battle Uniform

The Airman Battle Uniform is new and will not be enforced until November 2011.  The uniform is a green and tan with a camo type pattern.  The uniform is designed to blend in with different backgrounds and to be worn while in battle.


Once agian the seal seen here is blue and gold.  The typical colors of the Armed forces we have come to conclude.  The navy blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism; and gold, as mentioned before is symbolic of justice, strength, power and perfection.


All of the Coast Guard Uniforms

All of the uniforms shown are the same colors as uniforms discussed previously.  The navy blue is a consistant color in the formal and semi-formal wear of all US Armed Forces because of the clean cut look and nationally recognized color.  The total white uniform is new however.  White symbolizes purity, cleanliness and innocence.  Almost always in the western world white is seen as the "good guy" and black is the "bad guy".  The last uniform is the working service uniform which is a typical green, brown and tan camo to blend in with any background.


"The USA flag colors are red white and blue.  When thought of the colors red and blue together are a bold combination because of events such as 9/11.  A famous quotes is that "these colors will never run". A new sense of Nationalism was raised from this event and red, white and blue represent this pride of America. United States is bold, strong, and a government that is as strong as its Armed Forces."
-Ashley Sharp


The United States Armed Forces uniforms and seals have allowed me to conclude that, like the colors seen most frequently in them, our men and women serving our country are strong, powerful, important, confident, intellegent, stable and unified.